Welcome to The Legend of Greywinds!
  • As a lover of fantasy I found Isle of Tana the perfect novel to pass my love of the genre down to the next generation.  The author delves into  a world of wonder, magic, and intrigue that captivates the reader along the way.

    Kyle (33)

  • Magical Creatures

    I like all the magical creatures and fun places the girls go.  The pictures are great too because I love pictures.  I also like all the cool names everyone has because I do not know anyone with those names.  My mom and I are going to read all the other books too!

    Piper (7)

  • Love It! (Isle of Tana)

    I absolutely love how descriptive this book is!  I can picture exactly how everyone looks and all the places they go to in my mind with ease.  The characters feel so real that it is easy to understand where they are coming from.  I already have the next book and I am ready to start my new journey through the Land of Meena!

    Lindsay (34)

  • Characters Come to Life

    This is a book you want your kids to read! Annie Morecambe has gone above and beyond creating a story that will keep you turning the pages. Her characters come to life in a way that has you fighting alongside Fiera, helping the injured with Carena, or even dancing with Jada. Don't miss out on the adventures this series will take you on!

    Kelsey (24)

  • Tana is fantastical and magical

    This is an exciting fantasy book that is fun for any age.  The combination of fantastical and magical make for an unforgettable page turning read.  This book takes you on a journey into another world that you won't want to come back from.  You will not want to wait for the next book in the series.

    Vanessa (32)

  • Waiting

    "These books may have been written for the younger crowd, but I enjoyed them tremendously. I have been waiting for the last book which I was told would be out in the spring of 2016. I am anxiously waiting to see what happens to my girls."

    Doreen (88)

  • I think I am like Jada

    "Mommy reads to me and I read some pages too. Sometimes I was sad, especially when the horses died. I didn't like that part. Garam is so cute and I wish I had a stuffed animal like him. I think I am like Jada because I love to sing and dance and be around animals."  

    Piper (7)

May the greywinds guide you and keep you safe.