Welcome to The Legend of Greywinds!

In Gratitude

I am deeply grateful to the following individuals and organizations for working with me to create everything that you see on this site. With their gifts and talents, The Legend of Greywinds  website is alive with an amazing array of ways for you to immerse yourself in this quest right alongside Fiera, Carena, Jada, Lexa, and Arial.

Keira Moon — research and contributions to The Legend of Greywinds quintet and the voices of Fiera and Arial in the audio book versions. What a great time we had collaborating and tossing around ideas. I am so fortunate to have someone like Keira working on my projects. We did laugh a lot! Keira may be contacted by emailing me at annie@anniemorecambe.com.

Jacqueline Dyer Pinette — illustrator of The Legend of Greywinds series, all the illustrations for the Fantasy Art Books and Art Kits. Look in the All Things Greywinds Shop for some of Jackie’s other creations. Jacqueline can be reached by emailing her at jdjackieofalltrades36@gmail.com.

John Hemingway — cover designer for the last two books and posters in the series. A wonderful collaborator and cover designer, he was great fun to work with and amazing to watch as he worked his own magic. John can be reached at john@azaleagraphics.com.

Serafina Belle — the voices of Jada and Lexa in the audio book versions of The Legend of Greywinds. We had lots of laughs recording and although it took us nearly two years to complete the audio series, fun was had by all. Serafina may be contacted by emailing me at annie@anniemorecambe.com.

Terri Hayes Barnes — a wonderful editor for fantasy writers. She is honest and truly looks to give you the best piece possible. I am grateful to have found her. Terri can be reached at terrihayesb73@gmail.com.

Eric Terlizzi — recording genius, master musician and voices of Garam and the stone tablet in the audio book versions. Eric and I clicked from the first day and I am ever so grateful for his help in creating not only amazing audio books, but the perfect arrangements for my two versions of “Jada’s Song” and “Bub-Bub-Bubble-ee.” Eric can be reached at eterlizzi@gmail.com.

Brian Schmidt — webmaster and designer of many of my marketing pieces. He is a genius in the realm of design and he truly cares about the final product. Brian can be reached at bjs.is.now@gmail.com.

Lindsay LeMaster — creator of a custom line of lip balms for my fans. Expect to see more of Lindsay’s products in the All Things Greywinds Shop. She is co-owner of Lake ‘n Moor Ltd. and can be reached at info@lakenmoor.com.

Debbie Mejia — creates stunning jewelry and spent nearly a year with me developing my custom keychains and the stones that I requested for 50 one-of-a-kind versions. The limited edition handmade pewter keychains are available through the All Things Greywinds Shop. Debbie can be reached at Rocksteady Jewelry in San Francisco, CA. Call her at 415-609-1806 or email her at bie@rocksteadyjewelry.com.

Joel Mejia — designer of the icons that are hallmarks for all five of my books and keychains. Joel is currently illustrating children’s books and has created some gorgeous airbrushed artwork. Reach Joel at jiveturkey@live.com.

David Mejia — cover designer for the first three books in The Legend of Greywinds series. I am grateful for his help in creating the look and feel of the initial book covers. Email David at mrdezine@gmail.com.

Southport Graphics, LLC — a digital print company located in North Carolina. Working with Southport Graphics allowed me to print a limited edition of each book without spending a fortune. Their primary focus is on small and large format digital printing and fulfillment. For the sake of full disclosure, I currently own shares in this company. They can be reached at 919-650-3822 or visit their website at www.southportgraphics.com.