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The Legend of Greywinds is a series of fantasy novels written specifically for the teen/tween female reader. Through larger print, easy-to-understand language, and a quicker pace, girls are introduced to the world of fantasy, where they join the Chosen Ones as they venture across Yerg to protect the world they love from forces bent on its destruction. Throughout their quest, these young women experience both good fortune and hardship, setting an example and proving that strength can be found within anyone!


Isle of TanaBook 1: Isle of Tana

Two young women have been chosen to find a way to rid the world of a deadly magic let loose upon Yerg thousands of years ago. Their quest begins in Tana, the island of many waters. They must journey beyond the borders of the familiar and into the unknown where they seek the keys to the survival of their world.


…As we rode I wondered if I would have the honor of meeting the Great Protector. Then I began thinking about why we were going to Gelsey. My thoughts turned from Maru to the injured horses as I created images of these maimed creatures. Whatever possessed you to volunteer for such a gruesome task? I asked myself as we neared the base of Riga Mountain. Fear began to overtake my excitement…


$7.99 | 116 pages of adventure with 5 pages of quick reference information, and interactive links (second edition 8″ x 5.25″) |  Order now


Land of MeenaBook 2: Land of Meena

The journey continues as the Chosen Ones travel to Meena in search of Orion and the keys that will save their world from the destructive magic set upon Yerg thousands of years ago. Welcome to the land of many curiosities.


…Three blasts from a horn down by the shore signaled the arrival of the remnants from the two ships whose captains had perished in the recent storm. Losi signaled for the group to follow him down to the shore. Some of the villagers were already making their way to the wharf. Others were headed toward the site chosen by Losi. One of the villagers climbed on a large rock and motioned for the crowd to quiet down. Everything went still…


$8.99 | 167 pages of adventure with 4 pages of quick reference information, and interactive links (second edition 8″ x 5.25″) |  Order now


Fires of EdanaBook 3: Fires of Edana

The Chosen Ones venture across icy waters to reach Edana, the land of fire and lavala. They must find the Witch of the Blaze and convince her to assist them in their quest of the elusive keys that call the wind.


“…Since no one else but we few knew of this journey, it just occurred to me that it had to be you.”

“It was I. I used my gift to contact receptive creatures in this land in hopes that they would provide you with assistance should you encounter them. It was all I could think to do to help you and Fiera once you both left Palu,” Lexa offered serenely. “I entered the dreams of others as well, but it appears…”


$9.99 | 279 pages of adventure with 4 pages of quick reference information, and interactive links (second edition 8″ x 5.25″)|  Order now
Winds of Zaria

Book 4: Winds of Zaria

The Chosen Ones find themselves in Zaria, a land of peculiar faeries. This peaceful land is gradually being destroyed by Asar’s evil magic. To make matters worse, Zaria finds itself at the mercy of an unseen terror that could abruptly bring an end to the quest and to the entire world of Yerg.


…I watched intently as Serafina and Fiera climbed onto Rayn’s enormous neck and slid down to where it met his shoulders. The witch presented Fiera with one of her magical chains that grew as long as was needed at any given time. Fiera flung it around Rayn’s neck…


$9.99 | 295 pages  (first edition 7.25″ x 5.25″) |  Order now


Storms of AssiralBook 5: Storms of Assiral

With barely more than one moon cycle left to fulfill the prophecy, the Chosen Ones must now go their separate ways. Each must gather an army and return to the Assiral Plains in an effort to locate the seventh key before their time runs out. The evil magic that inhabits this place is stronger than anyone imagined. Will they overcome this nemesis and figure out how to make tabula rasa shine?


…She was determined to search for Jada in spite of all the suggestions to the contrary. Fiera felt responsible for Jada’s safety as she did with each one of the other members of her party. After all, she was Gelsey and being a Protector was all she knew. The quest was foremost in her mind. Jada had somehow managed to change all their plans in an instant. It was a strange and unpleasant feeling to know that she could not protect any of them now…


$9.99 | 320 pages  (first edition 7.25″ x 5.25″)|  Order now