Clan: Gelsey

Title: Protector

Climate and Terrain: Gelsey live in caves dug out of the sides of mountains. Each cave has a stable near it with the horses that are matched to each family member. The air in Gelsey is cool year-round in the southern part of the hamlet. Winters in the northern-most part however are extremely cold as is the weather on Riga Mountain. The northern end of Gelsey borders the Sea of Citri.

Physical Characteristics: Dark hair with a single braid on the left shoulder. Her hair is colored like a flame at her widow’s peak. Teenage warrior dressed in red and black leather. Small daggers are strapped to her  thigh. She wears lace up sandals, carries a spear, and wears an amulet of a dragon around her neck.

Strengths: Strong. Confident—sure of herself. Proficient with daggers, swords, spears and other weapons. Follows orders. Strong horsewoman.

Weaknesses: Struggles with how to handle frustration, acceptance of differences, sharing, and working with others.

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