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Characters from the Series

Meet the characters from The Legend of Greywinds series

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Characters Slide - Carena

A simple robe with a sash and a pouch filled with healing stones are Carena’s normal attire. An herbal wreath with flowers finish off this Healer’s look. This 16-year-old Shaylee is the voice of reason and leads without knowing she is leading. She is level-headed and appreciates all she has.

Element: Storm
Clan: Shaylee
Badge: Healer

Characters Slide - Fiera

Fiera is a teenage warrior dressed in red and black leather with a single braid resting on her shoulder. This 19-year-old Gelsey is strong, confident, and very sure of herself. She is well-trained in both offensive and defensive techniques. This Protector is an exceptional horsewoman.

Element: Fire
Clan: Gelsey
Badge: Protector

Characters Slide - Arial

Arial dresses in simple attire—comfortable pants and a blouson top—very appropriate for fishing or gardening. She is service-driven as are all Blossoms. For a young Creator of 17, she is adept at growing plants and shows tremendous promise as a ship’s captain.

Element: Earth
Clan: Blossom
Badge: Creator

Characters Slide - Lexa

Lexa wears a hooded robe of white and gold earrings, necklace, and matching wristbands. This 15-year-old Celie is calm and soft-spoken. She believes in deep meditation and being in touch with her inner self. This clan of Whisperers spreads peace, love, and hope through example and music.

Element: Water
Clan: Celie
Badge: Whisperer

Characters Slide - Jada

Jada has long dark hair and wears a blue robe as do all Echo. She carries a long scarf so she is always prepared in the event there is a dance. This Listener is happy-go-lucky and is the ultimate example of curiosity. Although only 14, she is a good listener and puts others ahead of herself.

Element: Air
Clan: Echo
Badge: Listener