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Show off your favorite character or lore object from The Legend of Greywinds series with our waterless tattoos! Designed by Brian Schmidt to reflect Annie Morecambe’s visions, these tattoos are not simply colorful, they are detailed and each one represents a person, place, or thing within the pages of Annie’s books.

No water needed. Just press and peel! May be removed with baby oil.

Ships in a cute little baggie containing all 10 individual tattoos. If ordered alone, a nominal shipping fee is charged.

Parents: These are beautiful tattoos especially designed by Annie for her young fans. From dragons to faeries to healing pouches, each tattoo, depending on the child, represents one or more of the following: freedom, strength, conviction, love, family, healing, leading, change, trust, honor, balance, joy, integrity, compassion, and any other positive attribute that promotes growth from within.

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