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Enjoy the sounds of the Isle of Tana and the Chosen Ones as they travel down the River of Light through the different hamlets on their island. Learn how they deal with a foe never before encountered on the island of many waters. Hear the prophecy and see if you can decipher its meaning.

Three CDs are included in a protective DVD case. Upon opening your prize you will find a special “Guide to Isle of Tana” that is not available anywhere else. Annie insisted on also including a token of her appreciation. It lies inside the case. What better way to expose youngsters to the fantasy world that is The Legend of Greywinds?

Parents: These audiobooks were designed to help sighted youngsters develop their hearing skills in addition to providing a resource for sight-impaired youngsters to enjoy the trek across Yerg with the Chosen Ones. Many grown children (shh! adults) are enjoying the adventure too. We won’t tell.


Annie was determined to make her books available to anyone wanting to hear her words. After a long search for the right voice talent, she decided to give it a go herself. Along with Keira Moon, her long-time cohort in this series, she enlisted the help of another woman, Serafina Belle. Between the three of them, they recorded the voices of the five main characters themselves. Eric Terlizzi, their recording genius, was also gracious enough to be the voice of Garam, a special friend to the Chosen Ones.

Annie and Eric worked for well over a year, not only recording the words to The Legend of Greywinds, but adding sound effects to each audiobook. In addition, Eric graciously agreed to create not only melodies within each book, but the title track to the entire series. Annie is so excited to offer these audiobooks for her fans who may be visually impaired, are unable to read, or simply want to listen to the author read her own story.

The audio versions of each book will be made available on this site as soon as they are released. Please check back on the home page under Latest News to see what is happening here.


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